E08: Core Values and Extreme Ownership

Eliot discusses a recent conversation he had with a neighbor and the importance of knowing and living by your core values, taking personal responsibility and the how to make the most of each moment. 

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E07: Why You Need To Train

In this episode you’ll hear from a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and law enforcement officer about the importance of training. Discover the importance of physical and mental training, and why that’s important not only for law enforcement but for everyone. 

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E06: Scream Your Weaknesses To The World

In this episode, Eliot reveals why you should “scream your weaknesses to the world” and shares his story of dealing with fear and anxiety growing up, and as an adult . Discover how to not be afraid of your weaknesses and how to work on them to a better person.

E05: How To Speak Your Truth And Change The World

Erin Weed, the Founder of Evoso, joins the program to discuss how she helps people speak their truth and change the world. Erin reveals the powerful process that she uses to help people find epic clarity about who they are, and how they can show up in the world more authentically.

E04: Lessons From a UFC Champion

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans discusses his recent retirement, what it takes to reach the top, and lessons he’s learned along the way.

E03: Earning Your Way In

Vinnie Lopez joins the program to discuss “earning his way in” as a fighter and the one good thing in his life that he believes he didn’t earn or deserve. Vinnie also shares how he overcame a troubled past, which included serving time in federal prison, and became a successful fighter and business owner.

E02: Developing Mental Toughness – With Brian Stann

Former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion and UFC fighter Brian Stann joins the program to discuss mental toughness, his favorite fight, lessons from leading Marines in combat, and more.

E01: WTF vs. WTF

In this first episode of The Gospel of Fire, you’ll discover a key question to ask yourself that will help guide and motivate you in all areas of your life.