Amal Easton

Having know Eliot Marshall in many capacities over the last twenty years I can say with the utmost confidence that he is not only a great student, friend, highly motivated individual, and great motivational teacher but he is also a kind, compassionate person with a will to not only succeed but to share in his success with all those he comes in contact with. Eliot has a unique ability to give and receive brutally honest feedback in a constructive way. His work ethic and output is enviable. I’ve been through ups and downs on the walk of life with Eliot and can’t think of a situation where there is anyone else I’d rather have by my side. First class human being. I am a huge fan.

Alex Huddleston

I’ve been around Eliot for years through mma, but it’s been our time together in Jiu Jitsu that I’ve really became friends with him. There’s a lot I admire about Eliot but one thing will always stand out to me and that’s his commitment to building real relationships. I think it’s how sincerely he wants to know your story that makes talking with him feel so authentic. Even before we became friends, he made a point to connect with me despite us being on different journeys with our own perspectives. He couldn’t of known how important that was to me in that moment, but I’ll appreciate it for the rest of my life. It’s those moments of real human connection that he demonstrated with me then & I continue to see him live now, that’s what makes me a believer in Eliot Marshall.