Eliot Andrew Marshall is a martial artist, business owner, podcaster, and author. He was the first American to win the BJJ Pan American championship at blue, purple, and brown belt. After transitioning to MMA, Eliot fought on The Ultimate Fighter, earned a UFC contract, and fought for 4 more years. Upon retirement he became the co-owner of Easton Training Center, one of Colorado's leading martial arts schools, with 7 locations across the Denver area. Through his podcast, The Gospel of Fire, Eliot will help you realize that you have the power to do and be whatever you want.

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Everything is Temporary — Ian Lieberman (E72)

Ian is a BJJ black belt and VP of Easton Training Centers. Ian is one of Eliot’s very best friends. We talk about our relationship and how it has grown over the years, how he helped save my life and what Easton means to us

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Why You Need To Train (Short Hitter #18)

I don’t think there’s a single thing in life that can improve your existence more than BJJ. Regardless of where you come from, your athleticism, your job, etc. BJJ has something to offer you.

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Entrepreneurship Is Making An Impact— Shawn Anthony (E71)

This week I was joined by podcaster and entrepreneur Shawn Anthony. Shawn is one of the top podcasters in the world and the host of the “School’s Over…Now What?” podcast, where he helps entrepreneur-minded individuals start the career or business of their dreams. At the early age of 14, he became a serial entrepreneur by hosting his own events, making thousands along the way. His ability to collaborate and facilitate allowed him to succeed in the corporate world and eventually led him to devoting his full time to helping people reach their goals.

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Strategies for Constant Personal Growth

Setting goals is an important first step to live a better life, but actively moving to accomplish those goals is the hardest step in the process. Learn how to let go of your ego and make room for personal improvement. It takes practice, discipline, and brutal honesty with yourself. It may not be fun, but it will get you closer to where you set out to be.

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BJJ Saves Lives— JJ Martinez

Easton BJJ black belt JJ Martinez joins the podcast and discusses the life-changing effects BJJ had on his life. JJ joined the gangs in New Mexico in his late teens and eventually hit rock bottom and decided he needed a change. BJJ took JJ off the streets, got him clean, and gave him a second chance at life.

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What Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids (Short Hitter #16)

Every parent wants to raise strong, confident children; however, we’ve all made the mistake of making things too easy for our kids. Let them struggle. Let them work for things. We’re never not going to want to help them or make things easier for them, but we can’t let that instinct deprive them of the personal growth that comes through hard work and perseverance.

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Concussions in Sports — CTE, Subconcussive Blows, “Independent” Doctors (E69)

Sports neurology and concussion expert Dr. Allison Gray joins the podcast to discuss brain trauma in contact sports, including topics on the dangers of CTE, training protocols in contact sports, concussion protocols, and the many factors that contribute to permanent brain damage. Dr. Gray has extensive experience in the treatment of concussion, both in non-athletes and in athletes at all levels of play (professional, collegiate, and high school and currently has two podcasts on brain trauma education: “Heal My Concussion” (for patients) & “Concussion Care” (for doctors).

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Be Present & Enjoy Your Time

It’s not uncommon for us to get caught up with what’s to come, or when things are going to end. Why not just enjoy the moment? Why allow ourselves to ruin the present by obsessing over a future that we can’t control? Let yourself enjoy the present. It’s all you have.

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The Gospel of Fire: Strategies for Facing Your Fears, Confronting Your Demons, and Finding Your Purpose

Eliot Marshall has always been a fighter—from overcoming bullies and bigots who targeted his half-black, half-Jewish heritage to using his martial-arts prowess to become part of the UFC. But beneath his badass exterior, Eliot struggled with severe anxiety, until he learned to live a life of true purpose.

In The Gospel of Fire, Eliot shares his incredible story of breaking down and learning to build himself back up by acknowledging his shortcomings, accepting his challenges, freeing himself from fear, and maximizing his opportunities. Sharing the experiences and tools that helped him battle back from the edge of despair, Eliot shows you how to discover your own “why” and refocus your days on “how” to achieve it.

You past doesn’t define you, and your present can set you free. With Eliot’s example, you can find your path and the power to remake your life.



Eliot Marshall is a former professional mixed martial artist and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Amal Easton. Coming through BJJ’s belt system Eliot was a prolific competitor, becoming the first American to earn IBJJF Pan American titles as a blue, purple and brown belt. It was also while climbing the ranks of BJJ that Eliot decided to enter the world of mixed martial arts in 2006, eventually competing in TUF and then signing for the UFC, the most prestigious MMA promotion in the world. In 2011, after a few ups and downs with his MMA career, Marshall decided to hang up his gloves and open Easton Training Center in Denver along with his coach Amal Easton.

In addition to being the co-owner and head instructor at Easton Training Center, Eliot became the head coach of Elevation Fight Team, one of the country's most highly regarded MMA teams. Despite his success as a business owner and coach, in the summer of 2015 Eliot suffered through a bout of severe anxiety, insomnia and depression, which he hadn't experienced since his adolescence. Relying on support from his friends and family in conjunction with on-going therapy, Eliot has been able to overcome his anxiety and now seeks to help others who may be suffering from a similar affliction. Eliot returned to the BJJ competition scene in 2016 and began tallying wins against some of the best jiu-jitsu competitors in the world while donating his entire purse to help Easton students, who might be struggling with anxiety or depression, receive the care and therapy they otherwise couldn't afford.

In his book "The Gospel of Fire," Eliot shares his story of breaking down and learning to build himself back up by acknowledging his shortcomings, accepting his challenges, freeing himself from fear, and maximizing his opportunities. Sharing the experiences and tools that helped him battle back from the edge of despair, Eliot shows you how to discover your own “why” and refocus your days on “how” to achieve it.


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