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Badass 60

What is a Badass:

Someone who has complete control over their body, emotions, thoughts and money

This program will get you to the first 4

What is Badass 60?


Exercise everyday and tag page
Read 10 min every day
Meditate 10 min everyday
Journal every day
Stick to a diet of your choice
3 walks 30 min minimum per week
No alcohol

You have from wake up to bedtime to complete


Is this an exercise program?

Yes and no

Yes, there is an exercise component but it is so much more

The exercise will lead you developing the most important life skill, self discipline

Discipline is the ability to do what you have to do even when you don’t want to do it

Developing discipline in one area of you life leads to discipline in other areas of your life

This is more than an exercise program

You are going to develop your mind along side your body

We have thoughts and emotions all throughout the day so how do you start to control them

That’s what the meditation and journaling are for

The first step in controlling anything is realizing it

Meditation does exactly that, you will realize your breath and and then start to think about something else

You will have to bring your attention back to breath, this is the point of meditation

It’s not to not have thoughts, its to realize you’re having a thought you don’t want and then coming back to the ones you do

Every day you will journal

Why? To get your emotions and bad thoughts out of your head

When we have shitty thoughts and emotions we can play them in our head on constant repeat.

Sound familiar?

The way out of this is to write this shit down

It breaks the cycle 

What about the days when you dont’ have bad thoughts?

You write down the good ones and that way you can try to replicate


How do I know this works?

I was the first case study 

I have been plagued by crippling anxiety my entire life

Sleepless nights with panic attack after panic attack

The anxiety would go away and then come back sometimes for years

Every time it returned it was worse

Eventually enough was enough and I need a change

What was the change, this was.

Now I still my get anxiety but its just not crippling, I have steps and tools I use so that I am in control of my life, not outside forces that I have no control over

What are you wanting for lets go

What do you do if you miss a day?

You start over at 1

Is this hard?

Yes, nothing in your life that you have that is worth a damn was easy.

I come from a bjj background and I’ve seen so many people pull a move off one time.

Who cares, I like to say it only counts if you can do to everyone.


Remember as Tony Robbins said, “Repetition is the mother of all skills.”

What are you waiting for Let’s go

Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise program

What Are People Saying About Working With Eliot

“He really has brought together a program that I find to be invaluable to pretty much anyone.” Greg

“One of the best experiences I’ve gone through in years! The time and energy spent on this weekend is well worth it.” Reggie

“This was one of the most amazing opportunities that I have taken for my self in a very long time. You don’t have to be 20 yrs old to do this.   I gained the skills to be present whether it’s in life or on the mat.” Heather

“I’ve come away with some really great lessons on mentality both on and off the mat.” Murph