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May 8, 2023

Monday Motivational #111: How to Be a Badass Week 7

Welcome back, where we’re talking about how to be a badass.  We are continuing with being a financial badass. Why am I talking about this? Because everyone wants to know how to be a badass and live a good life. And part of that is financial freedom. Last week we talked about tracking your income and expenses, and now we’re moving on to the next step: getting out of debt.

Bad debt is any debt that’s accumulating interest over 5%. So, focus on paying off that bad debt and stop spending money on things you don’t need. You can’t save money while carrying debt because the interest on your debt is greater than the interest on your savings.

To become a financial badass, you need to shift your mindset and prioritize what you actually need in life, rather than just spending money on what you want. So, get out of debt, stop spending on unnecessary things, and start discovering your passion, finding your power, and giving your purpose to the world.

Remember, being a financial badass isn’t about being rich; it’s about being in control of your finances and making smart decisions. So, let’s work towards being debt-free and living our best lives.