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August 7, 2023

Monday Motivational #122: Rewiring 101: The Power of Unlearning and Thinking Differently

I was recently listening to Inky Johnson.

This guy’s got some profound wisdom to share, and one thing he said recently really resonated with me: “We have to be willing to unlearn what we’ve been conditioned to believe.”

Here’s the thing: most of our beliefs aren’t organically ours. They’re shaped by external influences: our parents, surroundings, mentors, and the whole nine yards. To grow, we gotta recognize this and be ready to shake off these old-school conditioning.

Once we’re aware of this, the next step is to change our thinking, to push us out of our comfort zones. This ain’t no cakewalk, people. It takes effort to see things from a different perspective, especially when we’re so used to our usual thought patterns.

I just finished reading Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson, and the Apple guru’s motto of “Think Different” struck a chord. Thinking differently is challenging and uncomfortable, no doubt. But if we want more from life, if we want to level up, we gotta learn to think outside the box. That’s when we start seeing things from new angles and the magic happens: different outcomes and exciting possibilities.

So, my friends, let’s unlearn, let’s think differently, and let’s grow. That’s how we discover our passion, tap into our power, and bring our purpose to the world.